America’s Rokieslingle in WWII

A lecture presented by West Point Professor of History, Jennie Riesling

Tuesday, December 2nd, 7:00-8:00pm @ Munger Cottage

Only Americans refer to World War Two as “The Good War.” West Point Professor, Jennie Riesling, will explore the several meanings of this phrase: the nobility of the cause, the scale of national suffering, and the war’s positive economic and social impact. Seventy years after D-Day, how “good” a war was it?

The lecture will also examine more critically the experiences of the war’s veterans and argue that, while the war was morally defensible and profitable for the country, those who fought in it suffered as much as did the more vocal veterans of the more recent wars.


Jennie Kiesling was the first civilian to attain the rank of Professor of History at the United States Military Academy. She was educated at Yale, Oxford, and Stanford Universities and holds a PhD in Modern European Military History from Stanford. She was a Ford Fellow at Harvard University and taught at the University of Alabama before moving to West Point in 1995. She has been a visiting professor at the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom and served in 2000-2001 as the Harold K. Johnson Professor of Military History at the United States Army War College. She has published widely on military history, military theory, and ancient history and is the coach of the Army Men’s Novice Crew.

She lives in Monroe, NY with her husband Peter Law and Xenos the cat.