On display until July 31st.

The library is hosting an exhibit of art work by three young artists: Amy Dunaief, Kate Fisher and Ricardo Ramirez. It will be a mixed media show including oils and collage. Their work will be on display through the end of July.

Ms. Dunaief is a student at SUNY New Paltz, where she is working towards her dual Bachelor of Science in Art Education and Visual Arts with a focus on printmaking. In her work, she often considers the impact of locations on human development through the use of maps and geographic motifs.

Mr. Ramirez graduated with an associate’s in Graphic Design from Ellsworth Community College, in Iowa Falls, Iowa. Since moving to New York, Ricardo has only exhibited his displays in a few shows. However, his exposure often comes from his publicly painted murals around the area. Ricardo is working at growing his business as muralist in the state of New York, alongside his wife, Emily.

Kate Fisher is a multi-media artist with a Bachelors in Art History from Drew University and is currently working on a Dual Masters in Costume Studies and Library Science at New York University.  Her artwork encompasses the ideas of texture and color theory through textiles and oil on canvas. She created the library’s gallery space in July of last year. Her latest work in progress is ArtWreck a videblog (vlog) for contemporary art and criticism in New York City by and for millennials.