October_2014 food for fines sign
November 1st – November 22nd

On Saturday, November 1st, Cornwall Public Library will kick off our popular “Food for Fines” program, with all donations going to the Orange County Veterans Food Pantry. This particular Food for Fines is a 2014 OrangeREADS Unbroken library event, and will run through Saturday, November 22nd.

The Library will accept non-perishable food items in exchange for overdue fines. For each item donated, $1.00 in fines will be cleared. Items must be NEW (well within the “use before” date). No open or damaged items will be accepted. Credit for items applies only to overdue fines. No waivers for lost/damaged items.  For Ramen noodles, 5 pkgs. = $1.00 waived.