Get Outside the Lines!

The Cornwall Public Library invites the community to experience the library in a whole new way. As part of Outside the Lines, a global initiative designed to reintroduce libraries to their local communities, the library will be hosting 3 unique programs during the week-long celebration (September 10-16) highlighting the creativity and innovation happening in libraries.

On Sunday, September 10 from 3:00-5:30pm, the library will host a Community Potluck Supper. This is an event where the community can meet and share a meal with friends and neighbors. All ages are welcome. The library is asking for in-person registration. For more information about the potluck supper, please call the library at 845-534-8282 and ask to speak with Ellen Winchell.

On Wednesday, September 13 there are two events happening throughout the evening. From 5:00 to 8:00pm the library is hosting a Pop-up Café on the library’s front portico. Everyone is welcome to drop by for coffee, conversation and music. Musical guests include the Cornwall Students String Trio at 5:00pm; Singer songwriter Ami Madeleine at 6:00pm, and local musician Wolf Critton at 7:00pm.

Also in the library that evening at 6:30pm is a 5-minute Speed Meet for ages 18 and up. Bring your favorite book or current read, and share your thoughts and meet new people as you move around the room. Registration is required for the Speed Meet via the online calendar or by calling 845-534-8282. For more information about this event, please call the library and ask for Rosaleen Leahy.

For more information about Outside the Lines Initiative, visit their website at: #getOTL