An Important Message from the Cornwall Public Library

What is happening?
Our parking lot is being paved, 12 new spaces are being added, along with a drive up book drop (funded by the Friends of the Library) and one-way directional signage!

When will this happen?
This is scheduled to happen between October 23 and November 10. Exact dates are not known at this time. Paving will be managed to accommodate traffic and there will only be 3 days that the entire lot will be off limits – that is when the topcoat, lines and signage is put up. The lot will be one-way, heading to the right. When the lot is completely closed for those 3 days, there will be transportation provided via golf cart to help get people in and out and back to your cars if necessary.

We are waiving fines!
When the actual days of paving are determined, we will waive all fines so people do not need to come over to drop materials off.

Who is paying for this?
The funding for the paving and parking lot expansion project is from grant monies received through the NYS Construction Grant, matched by our capital fund account, and all costs are paid for.

What does the library need from you?
Patience, please. The end product will be safer, easier to access and provide more convenience to all. We will get through this together and be better off when it is complete. Thank you for your continued support.


–The Board and Staff of the Cornwall Public Library


CPL SED Site Plan_Parking lot improvements