Laptop Computers

Who can borrow a library laptop?
Adult Patrons with RCLS member library cards in good standing (no fines or overdues)*.
Patrons aged 16/17 with library cards in good standing whose parent/legal guardian has signed a Laptop Borrowing Agreement.
You must have your library card in hand to borrow a laptop. If you have lost your card, you must apply for a replacement card. You must also have your current photo ID in hand and a signed Laptop Borrowing Agreement on file.
*A patron with a library card just issued must wait to receive the card in the mail before they can borrow a laptop, however he may still use a public computer.
Why do I have to sign a Laptop Borrowing Agreement and leave my ID when I borrow a laptop?
It is important that patrons be aware of the responsibility they are assuming when they borrow one of the library’s laptops. That responsibility is detailed in the agreement they must sign before borrowing one.
The library needs to protect the community’s investment and make every effort to ensure that the laptops will not be taken from the building. Holding the patron’s photo ID is our best effort at doing that. The photo ID will be kept locked up while the laptop is being used.
Can I print from the laptop?
Yes. You need to put money on your Envisonware account in $1.00 increments before printing. Print jobs will not be released at the Reference Desk. All print jobs are sent to the public copier.

For how long may I borrow the laptop?
Just as with the public computers, a laptop can be borrowed for up to one 60-minute session per day and two additional 30-minute sessions. If others are waiting, you may be limited to fewer sessions at a time. (If the laptops are needed for library-offered computer classes, they may not be available for the full amount of time.) Time limits for laptops & PCs are cumulative. Laptops need to be returned by 30 minutes before closing time.
Can I save my documents?
As with the public computers, you may save your work to a flash drive. Flash drives are available to purchase at the Circulation Desk, or you may bring in your own flash drive.

Can I retrieve my documents once I have logged off Envisionware?

No. Once you have logged off (or are logged off by) Envisonware, your work is wiped from the hard drive.
Can the laptop leave the building?
No. The laptop cannot leave the main part of the building. It cannot be brought into the lobby or the restroom. If you need to use the restroom, take a cell phone call in the lobby, or leave the building for any reason, you should save your work to a flash drive and leave the laptop with the Circulation Staff to hold behind the desk until you have returned.
Can I sign out a laptop for another person to use?
No. In an effort to protect the community’s investment in our Laptop Program, you may only sign out a laptop for your own use. Exceptions will be made for a person using a laptop with another person, or a parent signing out a laptop for a minor child.
Parents signing out a laptop for a minor child must remain with the child while the laptop is in use. This does not apply for a 16/17 year old who has signed out a laptop in his/her own name.
Laptop borrowers are expected to follow all other Library policies.