Tutoring is an activity that relates to the Library’s role as an educational support center. However, use of the Library’s space is permitted for non-profit tutoring (i.e. Literacy Volunteers) only. Space for sanctioned tutoring activities is subject to availability.

The following guidelines are to be observed:
Non-profit tutors will contact the Library to reserve use of the Community Room. Each tutor must submit a Tutor Community Room Use Request Form that will be kept on file at the Library. Non-profit tutoring is only allowed in the main part of the Library if the tutor has an approved Tutor Meeting Room Use Request Form on file at the library but the Community Room is unavailable and the tutor has received prior permission to conduct tutoring in the main part of the Library.

Children under 18 years of age who are tutored in the Library are the responsibility of the tutor while on Library property until they are released to a parent/guardian, or to someone providing authorized transportation.

Those who are being tutored in the Library are strongly encouraged to obtain a valid Library card.

Approved December 2000
Revised 8/17/10