Cornwall Public Library

Adult Summer Reading

Adult Summer Reading

There are two components to Cornwall Public Library’s Adult Summer Reading Program:

  1. Book Reviews (you can post on our Summer Reading Program website)
  2. Summer Reading BINGO card!
Part One: “There’s an app for that!”

You can download and use the ReadSquared R2 app on your smart phone. Just search your phone’s app store for “Readsquared” and create an account. You can:

  • post reviews and track your reading
  • play mini-games and earn badges
  • read other readers’ reviews
  • find books to add to your “To Be Read” List

Don’t forget to earn the special Early Literacy Badge by reading with a child!

If you prefer, you can still access the Readsquared program via the website at and leave your reviews for us there. Either way you access it, you can complete the program by earning 500 points, and earning a certificate!

Part Two: “Let’s get Social (distanced)”

Download the Summer Reading BINGO card (Adult SRP BINGO_full). We invite you mark it up digitally! Share your pictures, screenshots and progress with us via social media! You can tag us on Instagram @Cornwallpublibrary or use the hashtag #cornwallpublibrary and we’ll see your posts! We’ll even share some of them.

Rather go old school? We’ll have paper copies of the Summer BINGO cards available for pickup at your next curbside pickup appointment. Just let the staff know you want one and we’ll tuck it in your book.

One of the goals of our Summer Reading Program (even for adults) is to promote literacy in children. To that end, one of the activities this year is to read a book with a child. This activity will earn 100 points in the ReadSquared App. We’d like to thank the New York State Library’s Family Literacy Library Services for the generous grant which allowed us to offer access to the ReadSquared App this year.