Cornwall Public Library

Proctoring is available at the Cornwall Public Library.  The student must schedule a specific date/time to come in to take an examination. The library staff does not accept walk-ins for proctoring. Scheduling should occur at the convenience of the library – at non-peak hours and at a time when an adequate staff is present. All specific examination requirements must be approved by the library staff at the time the test is scheduled. The library cannot provide proctoring if a librarian is required to be with the student during the exam. The librarian will not monitor a student continuously during an exam but may check on the student periodically. It is the student’s responsibility to verify that the proctoring conditions provided by the library meet all requirements of the institution administering the exam. When the exam is delivered to the library, all exam materials will be kept in a secure area of the library.

The student must present photo identification at the time the test is taken. Postage stamps and an envelope for mailing the exam are the sole responsibility of the student if the testing institution does not furnish a postage-paid envelope. The library is unable to honor requests requiring special trips to the post office, FedEx, or UPS. When the student has completed the test, the library staff member will sign the examination materials and mail them to the testing institution. Under no circumstances will the student be given the testing information to mail. Should the student not comply with the rules/regulations specified in the testing documents, the library staff will return the materials to the testing agency with a note to that effect and may refuse to sign the testing documents. The library assumes no responsibility/liability for the test actually getting to the testing institution. In the case of an online test, there are occasions when there are technical difficulties with either the computer equipment, the internet connection, or other factors which would prevent the student from completing the exam. Library staff has little to no control over such occurrences and assumes no responsibility or liability for tests that are unable to be completed because of technical difficulties. The library reserves the right to decline proctoring services if library staff feel that testing conditions cannot be met or if staff levels or schedules do not allow for the availability of adequate staff.

Student Agreement Form & Proctoring Services Request Form

Approved by the CPL Board of Trustees 4.13.2010

Updated 10/26/21 CAD; Approved 12/8/21