Cornwall Public Library

In the last few years, Cornwall Public Library has been able to make many needed improvements, thanks to several generous grants.

In 2019, we continued with improvements made possible by Senator Bill Larkin’s grant for a new roof and exterior building upgrades. Some of our outdoor lighting will be upgraded to LED, and we are awaiting hands-free, electronic sliding doors that will make our building entrance more fully handicapped-accessible. The installation should be complete by the end of winter 2020.

We are continuing to upgrade our interior lighting to LED, which is more efficient and more patron-friendly. We are also planning the installation of a sign out front, by the end of 2021. We are committed to offsetting the costs of all upgrades by applying for additional grants.

We will be able to upgrade our technology offerings for youth and adults, thanks to generous Grant-in-Aid funding from Assemblyman Colin Schmitt and Senator James Skoufis. Assemblyman Schmitt’s Grant-in-Aid will also provide an AED defibrillator for the Youth Services Department.

2023 Update!

 In 2023, the CPL was the recipient of a generous NYS grant that allowed us to install a new HVAC system and renovate our bathrooms to ADA compliance. During these renovations, two additional projects that were added to the scope of the original work – entry & hallway flooring and barrel ceiling joint repair. Because the entire project was done using NYS grant money, additional approvals were required by the state, all pushing our re-opening date back. Construction completed and the library reopened on December 4th, 2023. We appreciate everyone’s patience and are looking forward to seeing you at our improved space!