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Connect Your Voice to the ConnectALL Initiative!

Connect Your Voice to the ConnectALL Initiative!

Closing the digital divide in NY is critical, because having universal access to high-speed broadband in this digital economy is as essential as having heat, water, and electricity. Connectivity helps New Yorkers go to school, work remotely, find a job, start a business, access healthcare, and communicate with loved ones. Further investment in this vital public infrastructure will not only strengthen the progress of our State’s initial investment, it will boost economic growth and local innovation far into the future.

New York State’s ConnectALL Office wants to hear from YOU about your experiences with getting and using internet service. To that end, please take a moment and complete this survey. Your input will help the State make sure that everyone can have access to high-quality and affordable internet service, devices, skills training, and digital support.

Important notes about the survey:

  • All questions are optional, unless otherwise noted with an asterisk (*). You may skip all optional questions.
  • The survey is completely anonymous – ConnectALL collects demographic information (e.g., race/ethnic background, age, household income level) so that they can make sure all demographic groups and places are represented, but they will NOT be collecting any personally identifiable information (e.g., name, email, address).

Thank you for your time and participation. Information you share here will help develop the New York State Digital Equity Plan and ensure equitable internet access for all.