Cornwall Public Library

Plastic Film Recycling Challenge (FINAL TALLY!)

Plastic Film Recycling Challenge (FINAL TALLY!)


Wondering how much plastic film we collected these last 6 months during our recycling challenge? (drumroll, please…) 723lbs! Thanks, Cornwall, for making this such a success by faithfully bringing in your plastic!

We’ve all learned a lot from this experience, hopefully gaining at least a basic knowledge about exactly what we can recycle and how – remember, CLEAN, DRY & LABEL/STICKER FREE! In this season of resolutions, let’s all continue to develop better habits about what we choose to use, reuse or throw away. In part, that means keeping up the great work of recycling your plastic…just take it to a different collection point! Lots of stores have collection bins where you can deposit your plastic film (Hannaford, Shoprite & Price Chopper, to name a few).

Small changes and small actions by each of us really do add up to make a difference. Together, we can continue to help our planet and safeguard our future.