Circulation Policies & Fine Schedule

All borrowers, including children, have equal access to all library materials. Guidance on selection of materials by children is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.

3 Weeks – 2 renewals, if no reserves

Older general interest books, audio books, young adult materials, children’s materials.

2 Weeks – NO renewal

All NEW general interest books, music and magazines.

1 Weeks – NO renewal

Fast Fiction and DVDs

Adult Materials: 10¢ per day
Fast Fiction: 25¢ per day
Children’s Materials: 5¢ per day
DVDs: $1 per day

Within RCLS: Items are subject to the lending policies and fine structure of the loaning library.
Outside RCLS: Items may be borrowed up to 4 weeks unless otherwise stipulated by loaning library.

Computer Use & Internet/Wireless Usage Policy

To fulfill its mission of providing public access to information of all types in a wide range of formats, Cornwall Public Library provides access to computers and the Internet.

1. Patrons wishing to use CPL computer equipment must have a valid library card in their own name with fines under $10. Those who are not eligible for a library card must show valid picture ID and may be issued an Internet Only card.

2. Patrons may call the Information Desk to reserve computer time in advance.

3. Patrons who fail to log in to a computer promptly at their scheduled or reserved time risk forfeit of their allotted time.

4. No more than two (2) patrons can work at each computer station.

5. Computer equipment work stations are for computer work only.

6. Patrons are allowed to use Universal Serial Bus (USB) ports on the CPL computers. Such use is restricted to acessing, e-mailing and printing files; installing software or executable files is not allowed. Patrons may use their own USB drives or may purchase a USB drive from the library. Patrons are not allowed to save files to the Library’s computer hard drives.

7. Patrons are responsible for any damage to computers and for loss of materials.

8. Library staff may provide limited instruction and assistance to patrons using Library computers if staffing permits. Extensive instruction is not available on a walk-in basis.

9. Patrons should report any computer or software problems to the Information Desk. Misuse or abuse of the Library’s computers will result in immediate suspension of computer privileges.

10. Extended computer time cannot be granted if others are waiting to use the computers.

The Internet is an unregulated medium offering a wealth of valuable information that is personally, professionally and culturally enriching to individuals of all ages. However, some information found on the Internet may be inaccurate, incomplete, dated, or offensive to some individuals. Library patrons use it at their own risk. The Library is not responsible for the content of the Internet, changes in content of the sources to which may link the Library’s home page, or for the content of sources accessed through secondary links. CPL does not censor access to materials or protect patrons from information that may be found offensive.

All patrons must agree to the Library’s Computer Use & Internet and Wireless Use Policy in order to use Library computers; parents or legal guardians must sign a Computer Use Agreement form to allow children under the age of 16 to use the Internet. Parents or guardians, not the Library or its staff, are responsible for the Internet information selected and accessed by their children. Parents are advised to supervise their children’s Internet information. We strongly urge parents to discuss appropriate and inappropriate use of the Internet with their children. Children under the age of 11 years old may be asked to use the computers in the children’s area instead of the computers in the adult computer area. People age 13 and older are prohibited from using the computers in the children’s area unless they are a parent, sibling, or caregiver of a small child who is using resources in the children’s area of the Library.

Abuse of the Internet on Library computers will result in immediate suspension of Internet access privileges. The following uses of the Internet on Library computers are considered inappropriate and are prohibited.

1. Transmission of defamatory material;

2. Unauthorized copying of copyrighted material;


4. Receipt or transmission of obscene material; which shall mean any material in written, pictorial or other form concerning sexual or excretory organs or actions that appeal predominantly to the prurient interest of adults, which is patently offensive to the prevailing standards in the adult community as a whole and without redeeming social value;

5. Receipt or transmission by or to a minor of material indecent to minors; which shall mean any material in written, pictorial, or other form concerning sexual or excretory organs or actions that appeal predominantly to the prurient interest of minors, which is patently offensive to the prevailing standards in the adult community as a whole and without redeeming social value to minors;

6. Destruction or alteration of another’s materials or files; vandalism of equipment; or, tampering with the Library’s computer hardware or software;

7. Patrons using the Library’s computers and/or accessing the Internet agree to comply with all local, State and Federal laws.

Failure to utilize the Library’s computers or Internet access appropriately may result in revocation of Library privileges. Unlawful usage may also result in criminal and/or civil proceedings.

 Approved by Cornwall Public Library Board of Trustees 8/17/2012

Confidentiality of Library Patron Records

In compliance with New York State Practice Law and Rule 4509, the records of library cardholders are confidential. Library records include, but are not limited to:

• Patron registration records,

• Circulation records,

• Attendance records for library-sponsored programs,

• Records of computer use or reference services,

• Any other data linking a particular patron to specific library services or materials.

Patrons have control over their library cards. Presentation of a valid library card will allow the patron whose name appears on the card (or the parent/legal guardian in the case of a minor child) access to information about the current circulation record of that patron. It is understood that a person presenting the library card of a friend or family member has permission to check out items on that card. Patrons who would like another individual to pick up their items on hold must request that a proxy pickup note be placed in the library record of the individual who has permission to pick up. No information from a library record may be given by library staff to a third party.

No information from library records will be released to any person, agency, or organization, except in response to a valid court order, subpoena, or search warrant, properly presented to the library director or the director’s representative. Nothing in this policy shall prevent library staff from using library records in the administration of their regular duties or to provide library service to the patron. When no longer needed for administrative purposes, records will be expunged.


Approved by CPL Board of Trustees 4/9/2013

Exhibits and Display Policy

Exhibits and Displays Policy
Cornwall Public Library Exhibit and Display Policy

The Cornwall Public Library provides exhibit and display areas consistent with its mission, programs, and services. The Library develops exhibits and displays on a regular basis to promote the use of its collection and to highlight its diversity; to bring attention to special or under-used aspects of the collection; to make it easy to find information on topics of current issue; to celebrate special occasions. Not-for-profit groups and individuals may use the Library’s exhibit and display areas for educational, artistic, or cultural materials in accordance with the following provisions. This policy shall be attached to and made part of any request to display. Failure to comply with any part of this policy may result in denial of future exhibit and display privileges.

The Library’s own use of any exhibit and display areas takes precedence in scheduling. The Library will endeavor to provide two (2) weeks’ advance notice to exhibitors in the event a Library use will preempt a scheduled user.

All exhibits and displays must be pre-approved by the Library Director or his/her appointed designees. Requests must be submitted on an Exhibit and Display Application and will be considered in the order in which they are received. Displays must be of high quality and will be evaluated based upon the educational, informative, cultural, innovative, relevant, artistic or historical value, as relates to the mission of the Cornwall Public Library.

Upon acceptance of the application, exhibitors will receive a set of exhibit procedures covering the time before, during, and after the exhibit. The Library will preview a representative sample of the work to be shown prior to granting permission to exhibit or display.

Factors considered in the approval process include:
• consistency with Library’s mission
• relevance to and consistency with community needs, interests and standards
• quality of presentation
• space requirements
• timeliness

The Library reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit or display. The Library reserves the right to limit the size, number, and placement of items; the schedule of any display; and the frequency with which an individual or group may have an exhibit or display. Exhibitors are responsible for the installation and removal of their displays with the supervision and approval of the Library. Exhibits or displays that are not removed on or prior to the date established by the Library will be removed by the Library. Any damage to the Library attributable to the installation or removal of an exhibit or display shall be the responsibility of the exhibitor, as is any expense incurred by the Library. Exhibits cannot in any way disrupt the normal routine of the Library. Artists displaying their work may provide their contact information for visitors, but may not post prices on items or sell or remove any work on display during the approved dates of the Library exhibit. The Library will not be responsible for the sale of any art work.

In order to provide equitable access to exhibit and display areas, non-Library exhibits and displays may remain for no more than twenty-one (21) days.

The Library reserves the right to cancel any exhibit or display if a Library event/program needs the area. The Library will endeavor to provide two (2) weeks notice and to reschedule exhibit dates. Exhibitors must provide two (2) weeks written notice of any cancellation.

The Library assumes no responsibility for the possible damage, destruction, or theft of any item displayed or exhibited. All items placed in the Library are there at the owner’s risk and the owner agrees to indemnify and hold the Library harmless from any and all claims, damages, costs, and expense which may arise from owner’s use of the Library facilities.

Exhibitors must sign a release form before any items can be displayed or exhibited. (See Exhibit and Display Release form.) It is recommended that exhibitors verify their insurance coverage with their carriers prior to the installation. Exhibitors shall provide the library with a certificate of insurance demonstrating liability coverage naming the Library as an additional insured during the term of the installation.

Non-library exhibits and displays do not reflect endorsement or advocacy for any point of view by the Library. The views expressed implicitly or explicitly in any exhibits and displays are those of the individuals or groups using the space.

Revised August 4, 2016/mlc
Approved by Board of Trustees, 8/9/16

2016 Exhibits and Displays Application

2016 Exhibits and Displays Release Form

Gift and Donation Policy

The Cornwall Public Library encourages the interest and involvement of citizens and organizations through bequests, trusts, and donations of monetary or other tangible assets for Library purposes. It is understood that special gifts and bequests should not take the place of public support but should enable the Library to provide and enhance services in ways not financially possible within the current operating budget.

In general, the Cornwall Public Library welcomes gifts of money, books and other materials, equipment, works of art, documents, photographs, or property of any kind which promotes the mission of the Library. The Library reserves the right to refuse any gift that the Library Board of Trustees, in its sole discretion, deems to be not in the best interests of the Library to accept. If a gift is accepted by the Library, the gift shall be final; no restrictions on the Library’s ownership, possession, use, or disposition of the gift shall be effective other than restrictions approved by the express vote of the Library Board of Trustees and memorialized in writing.


Monetary gifts: The Library welcomes gifts of cash or stock. If the gift is used to purchase library materials, Library staff will try to accommodate the donor’s subject or title preferences. A label with the donor’s name will be affixed to the item purchased when appropriate. Because the Friends of the Cornwall Public Library and the Cornwall Public Library Foundation have been granted a 501(c)3 status by the Internal Revenue Service and gifts to those organizations are income tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law, monetary gifts should be made payable to the Friends of the Cornwall Library or the Cornwall Public Library Foundation.

Materials: Gifts of miscellaneous books or other materials in good condition are accepted with the understanding that items which are not added to collections will be disposed of at the discretion of the Library. These items may be given to the Friends of the Cornwall Public Library for sale, given to other libraries, or discarded. The Library may need to limit the quantity of book / material donations that can be given at any one time.

Collections: Gift collections will be accepted only by the Director in consultation with the Board of Trustees and with the understanding that the collection may not be kept intact.

Memorial gifts: The Library welcomes monetary gifts for purchase of materials for the collections given in recognition or memory of individuals or organizations. Memorial gifts should be made payable to the Friends of the Cornwall Library or the Cornwall Public Library Foundation. Whenever possible, the Library staff will choose items which accommodate the donor’s subject or title preferences. The name(s) of the donor(s) and those recognized by the gift will be listed on a bookplate affixed to the material, if so desired.

Real estate or other personal property: The Library will accept gifts of real property that either support or could be sold to support the mission of the Library. Such offers will be handled by the Director, who in consultation with the Board of Library Trustees will determine the suitability of the gift and the terms of acceptance compatible with the Library’s mission and policies, the donor’s intent, and applicable laws.

Art and decorative objects: In general, gifts of art objects shall be of local interest to the community, of a professional quality, well-executed, and in good condition. As with all other gifts, art objects will be accepted only with the donor’s full agreement that the Library has the right to handle or dispose of the gift in the best interests of the institution. Because of the Library’s limited display and storage areas and focus on its primary mission as a library and not a museum, potential donors of art and decorative objects are requested to discuss any possible gifts with the Director. No gifts that require extensive, regular special care or conservation will be accepted without board approval.

Valuation: With the exception of routine book and materials donations, the Library, Friends, or Foundation will provide a timely, written acknowledgement of the receipt of gifts to the donor and, if desired, to a recognized individual or organization. Income tax regulations leave the determination of the gift’s monetary value to the donor. Donors wishing to have an appraisal of their gifts for income tax purposes should have that done prior to donation.

Future disposition of gifts: Libraries used extensively by their patrons sustain losses through theft, mutilation, and ordinary wear. Resources with obsolete and/or misleading information may be discarded with time. The Library, therefore, cannot guarantee that any gift will be part of the collection or furnishings permanently. Excess articles may be offered to other libraries, given to the Friends or discarded.

Approved 7/15/2015

Library Manners Policy

Everyone is welcome to use the Cornwall Public Library. However, every patron must refrain from materially disrupting the use of Library facilities, collections or services. Quiet conversation is expected at all times. Patrons are urged to report disruptive behavior immediately to staff so appropriate steps can be taken. Disruptive or unacceptable behaviors include, but are not limited to the following:

• Engaging in loud or offensive conversation or rowdy behavior;

• Annoying or harassing behavior, with or without the intent to disturb others, including use of personal electronic devices. Headphones must be used at all times and the volume must be inaudible to others. Phone calls are restricted to the lobby area and phones must be muted in all other library areas;

• Abusive speech or actions toward Library staff or other patrons;

• Damaging, defacing or misusing Library materials, equipment or facilities. The Library and its contents belong to the citizens of Cornwall. Patrons damaging the Library facility or its contents will be held responsible for necessary replacement or repair, as well as face possible legal charges. If the patron is a minor, parents or guardians will be held responsible as provided by Education Law NYS 264¹;

• Loitering or sleeping;

• Relocating Library furniture or equipment without the permission of Library staff;

• Soliciting, selling of any kind, or distributing leaflets not specifically approved by the Library Director;

• Posting notices without prior approval of the Library Director;

• Possessing or using alcohol or controlled substances on Library premises;

• Individuals who are under or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs are prohibited from using the Library;

• Possessing or consuming food or uncovered beverages in the main sections of the Library;

• Using tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, in the Library or within 20 feet of the main entrance;

• Holding unauthorized or unscheduled group meetings or group conversations;
• Blocking or interfering with the free movement of individuals;

• Using restrooms for meetings, loitering, solicitation for immoral purposes, for the consumption of alcohol or controlled substances, or for the use of tobacco products;

• Entering the Library’s staff areas, except on approval by Library personnel;

• Improper attire; shirts and shoes are required;

• Refusal to produce proper identification if requested by a staff member may result in immediate eviction from the Library;

• The Library reserves the right to inspect the contents of any bag, knapsack, briefcase, etc.;

• Individuals with offensive odor leading to complaints from other Library users will be required to leave.

Entering the Library signifies agreement with these rules and regulations. Enforcement of this policy will consist of the Library staff giving the patron violating this policy a verbal warning. If the patron continues to violate this policy, s/he will be asked to leave. Finally, if a patron refuses to leave, the Cornwall Police will be notified and the offender may be prosecuted for trespassing. By following these rules, staff and patrons will make the Cornwall Public Library a good place for learning, recreational reading, research, and programs for the community.

Approved December 2000

Amended May 2014


¹Education Law NYS 264, Injuries to Property, states the following: Whoever intentionally injures, defaces or destroys any property belonging to or deposited in any incorporated library, reading room, museum or other educational institution, shall be punished by imprisonment in a state prison for not more than three years, or in a county jail for not more than one year, or by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars, or both such fine and imprisonment. (Formerly 266, L. 1947, c. 820; renumbered 264, L. 1950, c.273, 5.)

Library Pets Policy

The Cornwall Public Library does not allow pets in the library building, with the exception of service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Animals may be permitted as part of a library program if they are the focus of the program and are with trained handlers and the Library Director has given his or her permission.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees, December 3, 2013

Tutoring Policy

Tutoring Policy

Tutoring is an activity that relates to the Cornwall Public Library’s role as an educational support center. Quiet/private space for tutoring activities is subject to availability. Tutors are asked to sign-in at the Reference Desk upon arrival to the tutoring session. Each tutor must complete a Tutor Permission Form that will be kept on file at the Library.

The following guidelines must be observed:

1. Tutors must contact the Library to reserve use of the community room. There is no guarantee that this room will be available at the desired time due to its frequent use for programming and workshops.

2. Children under 18 years of age who are tutored in the Library are the responsibility of the tutor while on Library property and until they are released to a parent or guardian or to someone providing authorized transportation.

3. Those who tutor, and those who are being tutored, in the Cornwall Public Library are strongly encouraged to obtain a valid Library card to further enhance the tutoring experience. A library card will enable access to the supportive education materials, inter library loan service, and technology the library offers.

4. All tutoring sessions held in the public area of the library are to be conducted with care and consideration of the other library members seated around them. Please keep conversation at a quiet and respectful level.

Revised 11-08-16
Approved 11-08-16


Unsupervised / Unattended Children Policy

The Cornwall Public Library welcomes children to use its facilities for customary library activities. Responsibility for children under the age of eighteen using the library rests with the parent, guardian, or assigned chaperone, not with library personnel. Parents need to be aware that the public library as an institution does not have legal “provision of care” responsibilities.

For the protection and well being of children enjoying the library building and grounds, the following policy has been established:

Unless participating in a library program that does not require a parent in the room, children 5 years old and younger must be supervised in all parts of the library by an adult at all times.

Children under the age of 12 may not be left unattended in the library building – they must be accompanied by a parent or supervised by someone at least 15 years of age. Staff will notify parents/guardians of this policy when children are left unattended repeatedly and/or for long periods of time.

The library is not to be used as a latchkey/babysitting site at any time.

Children in the library need to know how to contact a parent/guardian.  They should also be aware of the library’s closing time. If an unaccompanied child is at the library at closing time, the police will be contacted if deemed necessary.

Library staff cannot provide food, money, or transportation to children, with the exception of snacks during library programs.

Library telephones are available only for emergencies.

Library staff cannot take responsibility for a child in the case of a medical emergency.

All children are expected to follow this policy in addition to the library’s “Library Manners” policy and all other library policies. Children may be asked to leave the library and/or the parent or guardian may be called if proper behavior is not maintained.

Amended 10/9/2012

Volunteer Policy

It is the policy of the Cornwall Public Library to encourage community-minded people to serve as volunteers. Volunteers’ energy and talents help the library meet its commitment to providing quality service to the public. Volunteers enhance, rather than replace, adequate staffing. Volunteer services aid the library in making the best use of its fiscal resources and help connect the library to other community groups and organizations.

Volunteers who apply to work in the library are required to fill out either a Volunteer Interest Form or a Summer Teen Volunteer application. Applications for the Summer Teen Volunteer program are only available in the spring and often have a deadline for submission. Please check with the Children’s Department for more information about the Summer Teen Volunteer program. Volunteers must have a library card and be in good standing with the Ramapo Catskill Library System. Before commencing work at the library, all volunteers are also required to fill out a Volunteer Information Sheet which will be kept on file.

Parents/ guardians of volunteers under the age of 18 must sign a consent form for their children to perform volunteer service hours at the library.

Volunteers are recognized by the public as representatives of the library and shall be guided by the same work and behavior codes as employees.

Volunteers are also bound by all of the rules contained in all library policies and guidelines,  especially those that relate to patron privacy and confidentiality. Volunteers are considered “at will” volunteer employees of Cornwall Public Library and the library reserves the right to terminate a volunteer’s working association with the library at any time, for any reason.

Volunteer applicants may be interviewed to determine their interests and levels of experience. Volunteer talents, experience, availability, and interests will be considered in job assignments. Volunteers are coordinated by the Library Director, or her designee. The Library Director is authorized to create and amend procedures to support this policy.

Volunteers are asked to record their hours of service in the “Volunteer Log Book” located at the circulation desk.

The library accepts volunteers requiring court ordered community service at the discretion of the Library Director. The library will only allow non-violent offenders to do court-ordered volunteer work in the library.

The library staff and its volunteers work together for mutual satisfaction and for the benefit  of the library and the community.